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• After another wild day in court, Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook settled their latest round of legal issues yesterday. But not before Brinkley called her ex an "extreme narcissist," and Cook returned the favor by telling reporters she was an "angry, bitter, vindictive woman." At least it's nice to know they still have feelings for each other, though! [NYP, NYDN]
• As easy as it is to picture Courtney Love sitting in front of her computer punching numbers into an Excel spreadsheet, it turns out she may not be the best financial planner in the world. Love owes $300K in back taxes, according to the government. [TMZ]
• Michael Lohan says he knows who Lindsay's drug dealer is and he plans to reveal all in an effort to "save" his daughter. So who is he? "He has no job. He does nothing. All he does is supply everyone in LA." Call us crazy, but supplying "everyone" in LA sounds like a pretty good job to us. [Radar, NYDN]
• Get ready to see a lot more of Megan Fox dressed in, well, not much: Giorgio Armani has tapped her to star in his new underwear ad campaign. [WWD]

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, George Lopez, and Eva Longoria turned up at the White House last night for a celebration of Hispanic music. President Obama even "wiggled his hips" with Thalia on the dance floor, although Thalia was kind enough to ask Michelle Obama's permission first, thankfully. [Daily Mail]
• TMZ snapped photos of California's First Lady, Maria Shriver, chatting on her cell phone while driving on a couple of occasions recently. The problem? Her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, passed a law against that very recently. The governor now says he plans to take "swift action" against his wife, news we're sure has Shriver totally petrified. [TMZ, AP]
• He may not be in the spotlight much these days, but Zach Braff has not died. Just in case you heard rumors to the contrary in recent days. [E!]
• Jessica Simpson says she hasn't thought about getting a new dog soon even though Daisy, her late Maltipoo, "would want that." Of course, it's just as likely that Daisy is up in doggie heaven bitching that her mom wasn't watching her in the yard, too. But that's another matter. [Us]
• Russell Brand's ex-girlfriend, Georgina Baillie, is warning the comedian's current flame, Katy Perry, that he's going to break her heart: "I don't think he's capable of monogamy." Not that she's jealous or anything. [P6]
• First, Miley Cyrus rapped about why she quit Twitter; then her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, tried to convince her to changer her mind. And now Jimmy Fallon is getting into the middle of it. Can someone make it all stop? [NYDN, Us]
• Pamela Anderson is catching flack for having a 9-year-old girl hold the train of her dress at an awards ceremony the other night. Even worse: The poor girl was labeled Pam's "daughter." [P6]
• The next Bachelor will be a pilot from Dallas, Iin case you care. [People]
• Tracy Morgan shares a few thoughts about his former SNL colleagues in a new "tell-all," which comes out next week. [NYDN]
• In the never-ending Gosselin saga, Jon was ordered by a judge yesterday to return the $180,000 he'd taken from a bank account he shares with Kate. [Us, People]