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Heidi Klum and Seal have a new addition to the family: Lou Sulola, who was born on Friday night and joins siblings Johan, Henry, and Leni. [People]
Tyra Banks ought to be in a good mood today. Not only has she dropped four dress sizes recently, she's been named the "top-earning primetime TV star" by Forbes thanks to the $30 million she's collected over the past year. [Daily Mail, MSNBC]
• The latest legal tiff between Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook is over: The couple has settled their dispute, which means neither of them will be heading off to jail. [People]
• Was Penelope Cruz sporting a giant sapphire and diamond ring the other night because she really is engaged to Javier Bardem? And did she wear a bulky sweater over her dress because she's pregnant? So many questions, so few answers. Sigh. [P6, NYDN]

• Celeb trainer Tracy Anderson hasn't just been given the boot by Madonna. She's now facing a $1 million lawsuit by an ex-boyfriend, too, who claims Anderson never repaid him after he invested in her fitness company. He also says Anderson has "some voodoo capability," so you may want to be on guard if you happen to encounter her in person. [P6]
• Is Kanye West avoiding the bad press he's received in recent weeks by hiding out in India? Some people think so. [MSNBC]
• Tilda Swinton is joining the fight against Donald Trump and is now trying to stop him from building his hotel/golf complex in Scotland. Hopefully the two can settle this with some sort of Celebrity Apprentice throwdown. [TMZ]
• The Real Housewives shows will soon be syndicated on NBC, just in case the weekly marathons on Bravo weren't enough for you. [NYP]
• It seems some really, really mean people have been contacting Jessica Simpson's family and friends to report that her dog, Daisy, is alive. But it seems to have taught Simpson an important life lesson. "People are so cruel," she said via Twitter. [Us]
Star magazine reported last week that Tori Spelling weighed 95 lbs. "Come to my house and weigh me, Star! I'm 107 lbs," Tori shot back. You'll be happy to hear that Star has accepted her challenge and is now waiting to hear back from Spelling to set up a date and time. [Star]
• At the Hollywood Style Awards, Pamela Anderson wore a see-through dress, reported that her style icon is Humpty Dumpty, and when asked about her new drugstore fragrance line, said, "That is why I always smell so cheap." Don't you feel you know her so much better now? [The Sun]
• Heidi Pratt says she wants to be the next Octomom, at least according to Audrina Patridge. God help the children. [Us]
• Poor Whitney Port had to wait 30 whole minutes to get into the club Winston's in LA last weekend. [P6]
• In other terribly depressing celebrity news, poor Robert Pattinson reports that he can't get a date. [People]
• That brand-new Michael Jackson song, "This Is It," isn't so new, after all. Paul Anka apparently co-wrote it in the early '80s, and after threatening a lawsuit, he's been given 50 percent of the publishing rights. [TMZ]
SNL's Bill Hader and his wife are the parents of a baby girl. [People]
• Carrie Underwood has signed on to do a Christmas variety show on Fox, with Dolly Parton, Brad Paisley, and David Cook. Get excited! [THR]
• Joe Francis says he marched in the gay rights parade in DC because he knows "firsthand how it feels to have your civil rights stripped from you." Oh, and because "lots of lesbians marched too." Naturally. [P6]
• Lauren Graham will replace Maura Tierney on the NBC show Parenthood. Tierney had to drop out to undergo breast cancer treatment. [Us]
• Quinnipiac University in Connecticut is now warning its students about interning on David Letterman's show. As if, in this economy, that's really what Quinnipiac students should be most concerned about. [TMZ]
• Rihanna wore a flesh-colored bodysuit underneath a white faux-fur jacket for her next album cover, which was shot at Berlin Central Station. [The Sun]
• Carly Simon is suing Starbucks because she says they didn't properly promote her 2008 album, This Kind of Love. [NYDN]
• Looking to do some early Christmas shopping? A lock of Elvis' hair is expected to go for $8,000-$11,000 at an auction next week. [Reuters]
• Because there are no pre-schools in Boston operated by the Church of Scientology, Suri Cruise has had to enroll in a Catholic school. [NYDN]
• The cast of Fox's Glee was reportedly set to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, but NBC supposedly had the store pull the plug since they didn't want to support another network's show. [TMZ]
• Michael Lohan went out to Jon Gosselin's house in Pennsylvania this weekend to try to convince him to join the Celebrity Boxing Federation. Just in case you happen to care about Michael Lohan, Jon Gosselin, or celebrity boxing. [Us]