Looks like Sarah "Pit Bull" Palin is just like your supernice Midwestern neighbor who remains polite and doodly-dorable on the phone, even when annoying telemarketers or French president Nicolas Sarkozy calls. The Canadian radio show duo that prank-called her told ABC how they did it. It was duh-easy, just like they taught you in Reporting 101: they "simply began at the bottom of her staff and worked [their] way up."Where to start? Alaska, of course: "'We started by calling the governor's office in Alaska, and after that, we were transferred from one person to another. It took us about four days. We spoke to about a dozen people,' Audette told ABCNews." Once they got her on the phone, they figured that the jig would be up soon enough:

"Audette said that most of the time, he is only able to use '30 to 40 percent of the material' he and Trudel have written for their crank calls before the person they are conning realizes the put on.

'But with Mrs. Palin we got lucky, because we used all the material we had written.'"

The real key can be found in the old adage "Fake it 'til you make it": "This will sound stupid, but mostly we just sound convincing." We'll remember that when we call McCain post-election to ask if his refrigerator is running.