Good morning! WHICH gossip blog editor who usually writes the blind items post went on vacation, and may or may not still be passed out from last night's unknown debaucheries? (IT'S RICHARD). Nevertheless, we're not going to let you, the public, go a single day without semi-slanderous thinly veiled celebrity gossip items to project your own insecurities upon. After the jump, a coke-sniffing wife of an athlete, a socialite's sister with two degrees of sexual separation from OJ Simpson, and a starlet who hates her "faux boyfriend." 1) Which sexy starlet keeps blabbing that she can’t stand her faux boyfriend? The producers of her hit show hooked the young couple up as a publicity stunt, but she says that every time she has to smooch him in front of the paparazzi, it’s like “Frenching a lizard.” [NYDN] 2) "WHICH sister of a much-photographed socialite should be more discreet? She was at Dorrian's Red Hand the other night, making out until closing time with O.J. Simpson murder trial witness Keith Zlomsowitch, who had a sexual encounter with Nicole Brown Simpson . . . " [P6 ] 3) "WHICH former TV star gets Botox injections when she goes in for hair and makeup? The Hollywood mom avidly avoids the paparazzi, but is very friendly to photographers on the red carpet - after being fully prepped of course." [P6] 4) "Which [wife or girlfriend of a prominent European athlete] is battling to keep a lid on her drug habit? She is regularly powdering her nose in the toilets and prattling on, making absolutely no sense at all." [ Blind Gossip]]