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Some people have been a little troubled by the news a shady Russian billionaire is now buying up a local sports franchise (the Nets), as well as part of the arena that will eventually be the team's new home in Brooklyn. But not Jamie Johnson. The pharmaceutical heir and filmmaker thinks it's, like, the greatest news ever:

"Russian mineral and oil wealth has been marching from Moscow westward through many of the world's most vibrant international cities for more than a decade, and inevitably it will find a secure position in New York," he writes. "Personally, I welcome the change. This land could use an infusion of fresh money and new perspectives."

There's no question we could use the money, clearly. And just think of the "new perspective" members of the team will adopt when the prospect of having a pinch of Polonium 210 dropped into the team's Gatorade cooler is added to the mix! Get ready for a newly incentivized team—and a championship season!

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