When you protest Scientology, you do it at your own risk. That's what members of the group Anonymous found out last Sunday when they picketed Gold Base, the Church's headquarters in Gilman Hot Springs, Calfornia. The small, peaceful assembly sported signs before one member received a beating from a group of the Church's hired goons. Gold Base is the center of the Church's production arm, and also features a nine-hole golf course. Oh yes, there's also a massive brainwashing operation there called Rehabilitation Project Force.As first reported on Mark Ebner's Hollywood, Interrupted, five members of Anonymous picketed the building with signs, a Church guard screws with their vehicle down the road to get them to trespass onto the Church's property, while setting up a flare to get them to come back to the car. After they dog-tie the member of the group that returns to the truck, the guards strike down another protester. Amazingly, two members of Anonymous were arrested afterwards by the Riverside Sheriff's Department, as they report in their account of the situation. This is typical stuff for the Church, who doesn't just counterattack on YouTube. But of course, as the guy holding the camera says, Anonymous thinks they win if they can bring home footage like this.