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• Does Lindsay Lohan have a beef with Taylor Momsen? At the G-Star show on Tuesday night, LiLo (with sister Ali in tow) refused to pose for pics and then started casting aside seating cards for celebs like Juliette Lewis, Christian Siriano, and Gossip Girl emo teen Taylor Momsen. When event staff intervened, Lindsay got all aggro and dropped an F-bomb, naturally. But give the girl a break. She was apparently just trying to position herself near her crush, True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten. [P6, NYDN]
• At the G-Star after-party at the Bowery Hotel later that night, Mischa Barton was a little unsteady on her feet and was slurring her words. She then hit the DJ booth, where she "danced in her own world" for an hour. [P6]
• While other celebs were at Fashion Week, Chris Brown rocked a neon orange vest over, quite appropriately, a wife-beater, back home in Richmond, Virginia. He started his year-long community service for assaulting Rihanna by picking up trash and cleaning police horse stables. Next up, graffiti removal and washing cars! [Us, NYDN]

• Abercrombie & Fitch is suing Beyoncé to try and stop her from launching a fragrance under her "Sasha Fierce" label because it "poses a likelihood of confusion" with its own "Fierce" brand. Who knew? [Reuters]
• When Chace Crawford ran into Taylor Swift at the Kings of Leon show the other night, he was sure to hug and comfort her. "I'm so proud of you. Don't let anyone ever take your spotlight ever again," he reportedly told her. This makes him either a) a patronizing, creepily paternal guy, or b) a guy who wants to get in her pants. [Us]
Jennifer Lopez's entourage is bigger than President Obama's secret service detail, you may be interested to hear. [NYDN]
• New Gossip Girl regular Joanna Garcia is "getting serious" with Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher. Things are going to get pretty crowded in the Yankees' wives box, what with Kate Hudson and Minka Kelly around, too. [P6]
• Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone, isn't feeling Madge's look these days. Presumably referring to her outfit at the VMAs, he told E! News, "She looked like Rachel Zoe gone horribly wrong!" Them's fightin' words. [E!]
• A few more tidbits from Megan Fox’s Rolling Stone interview: She said that "men are scared of vaginas"; she used to cut herself but would never consider herself a cutter because she just dabbled; and she's "really insecure about everything" and has "a lot of self-loathing." [Us, RS]
• Serena Williams is blaming her potty-mouth outburst at the US Open on her passion for tennis. "People have done and said way more than I did," she said. "I think it's just [a big deal] because of who I am." Apparently, the drama had nothing to do with the fact that she threatened to shove a ball down a line judge's fucking throat. [NYDN]
• On his show Tuesday night, Jay Leno interviewed Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise, co-stars of the upcoming flick Wichita. Cameron Diaz revealed she watches all the Real Housewives shows. Tom Cruise, when asked whether he was better at flying or sex, said, "I try to excel in all areas and I've never been asked for a refund," he answered. "[Sex with me] is like flying." We're so crying for Katie Holmes right now. [NYDN]
• Burt Reynolds' manager said yesterday that the actor had checked into rehab for an addiction to pain meds. It must have gone well: The manager now says he's already finished treatment and is now home. [Sun, Reuters]
• After they finish up in New York City, the Sex and the City ladies will be headed to Morocco to film scenes for the upcoming sequel there. Where the hell is this story line going, anyway? [P6]
• Rihanna sported a nipple ring while strolling the streets of New York, sans bra. [Sun]