So we've already heard about Fashion House, the Project Runway rip-off that Bravo is cobbling together in the wake of losing their flagship series to the clammy, potpourri-scented clutches of Lifetime. But today the increasingly-gay cable net is announcing a whole new spate of reality shows that they're working on, including two more fashion competition series. Don't worry though, one involves "celebrities"! Read about them all after the jump.

  • The two other fashionz showz are creatively titled The Fashion Show and Celebrity Sew-Off. The former involves viewer voting, Make Me a Supermodel-style, and the latter features as-yet-unnamed celebrities competing to see who is ready for their own clothing line. So those sound... yeah. The problem with viewers voting for their faves is that most viewers are idiots and/or too horny to make sensible decisions. As exhibited by Supermodel, in which nearly every qualified girl was sent home by the girls and gays-filled audience, leaving just one lady and a dreamy handful of chiseled mens. (Though the girl won, deservedly, in the end). All that said, though, these shows still ought to be better than, say, Stylista.
  • Another show will be called Polo, and is about polo players and their families. Because that's really cool...? Well, cool or not, it's wealthy and sorta queer, which is basically Bravo's key demo.
  • There are two shows that sound kind of boring: Fashionality which is sort of a style news magazine, and Double Exposure, a docu series about photographer Markus Klinko.
  • The most promising-sounding new series, for me at least? The Dubai Project, about British and American expats making their homes in the Arab Emirate. Talk about wealthy! Could be really fascinating.

Or really scary. Like all of these shows, really.