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You've probably heard that these are grim times for Condé Nast. Editors and publishers may be asked to cut spending by 25 percent, further layoffs are expected in the coming weeks, and several other magazines may shuttered entirely. If you're anything like us, you've probably been sitting at home asking, "What can I do to help?" Obviously, you could subscribe to one of Condé's magazines. But let's be honest: A $10-a-year subscription to Glamour isn't going to exactly turn the ship around. One much better way to deliver a few bucks to Condé's bottom line: Consider purchasing one of the fine, overpriced items on sale in the Condé Nast store! Last week, The New Yorker started selling wristwatches featuring the magazine's mascot, Eustace Tilley. But there's plenty more to choose from. A few suggestions below.

1. The New Yorker's "Eustace" watch
"Water-resistant and backed with stainless steel, our New Yorker watch is sure to keep you on schedule and smiling."
Price: $49.95

2. Bon Appétit's Kitchen Technology Center
"No more digging through index cards or stopping to turn cookbook pages with greasy fingers!"
Price: $429.99

3. Gourmet Greeting Cards
"Send them to friends, keep them for yourself, or (best of all) give them away along with batches of homemade cookies."
Price: $34.95

4. Golf Digest Swing Simulator and Analyzer
"You will receive incredibly accurate, completely objective, totally scientific analysis of each swing you take."
Price: $1,499.99

5. Domino Book of Decorating
"Not ready to let go of your favorite source of decorating hints and how-to advice? Domino: The Book of Decorating captures the best ideas from the magazine you loved in a single volume."
Price: $19.95

6. Men's Vogue Lapel Pin designed by Michael Bierut
"A portion of the proceeds go to Puppies Behind Bars, a charity that trains inmates to raise puppies to become service dogs for the disabled and explosive detection canines for law enforcement. "
Price: $10.00