So basically you guys figured that yesterday's guy who likes to have sex with hookers on a pile of money could be anyone and everyone. And you are right. So, there. Today we have a film director robbed by hookers, a drunken actor, a star who is dating his stalker, and a girl who drinks way more than she eats. 1) "Which blockbuster director has only himself to blame for his recent burglary? After a hard day of filming, he decided to unwind with a couple of prostitutes who stole his valuables." [P6] [This ran a couple weeks back in 'BlindGossip,' and now it's in P6... so it must be true!] 2) "Which actor [at the Quantum of Solace after party] had to be tricked into drinking water to sober him up?" [Mirror] 3) "I guess this actor is B list, because he was the lead in a popcorn flick. It did not do as well as expected. He really is more of a name than a great actor. When asked about his most recent girlfriend and how they met, our actor came up with about five different stories leading most to speculate he purchased her for the evening. Not so. The reason he is shy about where she came from is she spent six months stalking him. One day he was lonely and invited her in, and now they are inseparable. This won't end well." [CDaN] 4) "She thinks that she can never be too thin. He does. He has tried to get her to gain a few pounds for her appearance, her health, to set a good example. He stands by her in public, but confesses to friends in private that he is repelled by her appearance. There have been a lot of screaming matches over the weight topic, so they have been spending more time apart, punctuated by the occasional very public appearance together. She is a valuable asset to his own career, so he may not leave her, but he has been quietly scoring the digits of normal-sized girls who catch his eye." [BlindGossip] 5) "Which young star is doing more drinking than eating? Those working with her are concerned that she is both perpetually hungover and getting thinner by the day." [BlindGossip]