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• If the daughter of fashion's most powerful figure can't find a job, how are those of us with less cushy connections expected to? Anna Wintour says daughter Bee Shaffer has gone on 24 job interviews since graduating from Columbia last spring, but has yet to receive a single offer. [NYDN]
• Is Tinsley Mortimer finally getting the reality show she's been dreaming about? Let's hope so! [P6]
• The good news: Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler had a rendezvous in LA the other night and were acting all lovey-dovey. The bad: Then they got in their cars and drove in totally different directions. [P6]
• Some customer tried to tip the Olsen twins during Fashion's Night Out at Bergdorf last night after they served him a drink. Did the girls keep the money? Give it back? We're going to assume the former for the time being. [NYDN]

• Is Penelope Cruz pregnant? She's not saying, so stop asking. [DM]
• Victoria Beckham went to a "jousting show" at Medieval Times this past weekend in LA and then forgot to leave a tip for her waiter. Uh oh. [TMZ]
• Paula Abdul was "very upset" to hear the news that Ellen DeGeneres was taking over her spot as a judge on American Idol. But she's going to try and do her best and be nice about it, okay? [Radar]
• Speaking of DeGeneres, it seems she's in hot water with the music industry: A bunch of companies are now suing her for dancing along to music on her show that she never had the the permission to play. [NYDN]
• Do Kim and Khloe Kardashian just like to hang out in their bikinis and trade diet secrets or are they "AT WAR"? It just depends on which tabloid you happen to pick up at the supermarket this week. [NYDN]
• Speaking of the Kardashians, it's painful enough to contemplate having to date one of them. Can you imagine what would happen if you had to take two of them out at the same time? Oh, the horror! [Us]
• That giant Michael Jackson "tribute" concert scheduled for Vienna has been postponed. Organizers say they may do it in London next year. [Reuters]
• Maybe they should do it sooner rather than later: LaToya Jackson may lose her apartment in Las Vegas if she doesn't come up with three-quarters of a million dollars in overdue mortgage payments by the end of the month. [TMZ]
• How's Michael Douglas doing now that his son faces a possible life sentence for dealing drugs? He says he's "holding up fine." [People]
Today hosts Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira were disrupted this morning when a bunch of angry NBC engineers staged a protest. [NYDN]
50 Cent has a new self-help book about how "to live without fear." Presumably this is one of those rare occasions in life where getting shot seven times and surviving is actually a good thing. [NYDN]