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If you've ever been tempted to get it on in an elevator—or you just use your trips up and down to tend to matters of personal hygiene—keep in mind that if there's a camera in the elevator (and there probably is), your doorman is watching. And he's taking notes. According to an employee of a virtual doorman company that monitors the goings-on at 100 co-ops and condos in the city, men and women do very different things when they step into an elevator on their own:

Guys are more worried about the things they're going to get called out on, like checking their fingernails, straightening their ties, checking their nose hairs—I've even seen guys check out their chest hair, like opening one button or two... Women do their hair and look at their rear ends, making sure they're looking slim from side to side.

The full article is here in the event you'd like to read about the multitasking man who used his two-minute elevator trips to "transact business" with a rotating cast of hookers.

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