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• Speculation over the cause of DJ AM's death last Friday continues. People's sources tell the magazine Goldstein had eight undigested OxyContin pills in his stomach (and a ninth in his mouth) when he died, pretty clear evidence it was a suicide. TMZ reported a few days ago that the overdose was accidental, and it's sticking by its version of events. [People, TMZ]
• In the meantime, Goldstein's ex-girlfriend, model Hayley Wood, is denying rumors that he took his life because he was distraught over their breakup. [Us]
• Lindsay Lohan may now be leaving behind her LA home. But she may be leaving behind an unpaid $50,000 rent bill, too. [Radar]
• Kate Hudson is a little "clingy" when it comes to A-Rod, apparently. [MSNBC]

• Jesus Luz's career as a DJ isn't getting off to a great start. No one turned up at a club in Brazil to hear Madonna's boyfriend do his thing recently. [P6]
Tyra Banks would like to make it clear that she is not engaged and she was not wearing a wedding ring the other day. Got that? [Us]
• Halle Berry is pregnant, apparently. [L&S]
• The Real Housewives are still feuding with Bravo, one another, and God knows who else, which must mean another season is approaching. [NYDN]
• LeAnn Rimes and her husband are splitting up. [People]
• Slow news day: Hayden Christensen's brother, who you've never heard of, now stands accused of assaulting his girlfriend. [TMZ]
• Jeremy Piven's fishy excuse for dropping out of an off-Broadway play last year continues to haunt him, apparently. [P6]
• Kevin Federline is hoping to restart his music career. But maybe he should focus his energies on restarting his diet first? [P6]
• Spencer Pratt is a fan of monarchical political systems, apparently. He'd like to be known as "King Spencer Pratt" from now on. [Us]