There was one compelling theory yesterday that the star who unwittingly slept with his half sister was Usher, whose father is secretly Ben Vereen. Zoobilee Zoinks! Today we have a TV show that might be shut down because of its star's drug habit, an athlete and an 'entertainer' who are secretly dating, and a designer who loves a roll in the money hay with rentboys. 1) "What network drama is in danger of shutting down production because its lead has come down with the "flu"? The flu is actually a really bad drug habit that needs attention now. Producers and writers have been scrambling for the past week to figure out a way to write the character out of the next few episodes so the actor/actress can get help." [CDaN] 2) "Which athlete and entertainer are dating on the sly? One of them lives with an unsuspecting spouse, the other with a steady. The couple are bound to be discovered, though. Too many people have seen at least one of the intimate texts he sends each day extolling the impact her warmer bits have on his private parts." [BlindGossip] 3) "This well-known and very established designer is coy about his sexual preference, but he really lets loose when he picks up street hustlers. He’s got a lot of money and loves to get the boys excited by throwing handfuls of bills on the bed. He gets very turned on by rolling around and having sex with his rentboy on the money. When the encounter is over, the boy peels the bills off their sticky bodies and usually goes home happy with at least $500 in his pocket." [BlindGossip]