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• Mischa Barton didn't get involuntarily committed to the psychiatric wing of Cedars-Sinai last month because she had a meltdown. Or a drug problem. She says it was because she had her wisdom teeth removed. Sounds plausible! [TONY]
• Speaking of lame excuses, remember how Jeremy Piven said he had to drop out of Speed the Plow because he had mercury poisoning? An arbitrator bought the story, apparently, because he ruled in his favor, dismissing charges filed against him by producers of the show. [NYP]
• Minka Kelly's rep is shooting down rumors that she's planning a fall wedding to Derek Jeter. [NYDN]

• Cops searching Michael Jackson's home the day after he died did discover some pot, but they didn't find any heroin. [NYDN, People]
• Madonna was booed by a crowd of 60,000 at a concert in Romania after she condemned discrimination against Gypsies. [AP]
• Megan Fox says she's more comfortable kissing girls rather than boys. [Us]
Natalie Portman says she's obsessed with "really extreme hop-hop" right now, just so you know. [Us]
• Anne Heche's ex-husband wasn't too happy she ripped him to pieces on David Letterman's talk show this week, not surprisingly. [Us]
• Chelsea Handler isn't commenting on the reports she dumped her boyfriend this week, the same boyfriend who happens to be her boss, too. [People]
• The next phase in Kim Kardashian's career? She's becoming a TV producer, it seems. She's creating a reality show for E! about the PR business which will star publicists Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck. [People]
• Chris Brown was seen dancing on top of a booth "all night long" at a club on Tuesday, shortly after he was sentenced for beating up Rihanna. [NYP]
• Speaking of which, society photographer Christopher London has offered to step into a ring with Brown and take him on himself, provided it's a fundraiser that benefits domestic violence victims. [Christopher London]