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Jack Black turns 40 today. Jason Priestley of Beverly Hills 90210 fame is 40. Actor Ben Gazzara is turning 79. Country singers Shania Twain and LeAnn Rimes are 44 and 27, respectively. Olympic figure skater (and Celebrity Apprentice contestant) Scott Hamilton is 51. Actress Jennifer Coolidge is turning 46. Filmmaker Robert Greenwald is 64. And one of the Osmonds (Wayne) is turning 58. Some of the people celebrating birthdays this weekend—including Warren Buffet, Lisa Ling, and John McCain—are below.

Saturday: John McCain (73); Bob Rubin (71); hedge fund manager Eric Mindich (42); director Joel Schumacher (70); Christine Schwarzman (57); actress Carla Gugino (38); choreographer Mark Morris (53); and Robin Leach (68).

Sunday: Warren Buffett (79); Lewis Black (61); Lisa Ling (36); Andy Roddick (27); Cameron Diaz (37); and actor Michael Chiklis (46).