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The junior committees at major cultural institutions around town are designed for younger—or youngish—people, right? Well, it seems some old-timers have been trying to slip by at the Museum of Modern Art, according to the WSJ's Speakeasy blog, and the museum isn't taking it anymore:

The Museum of Modern Art's Junior Associates—who pay $750 in annual dues to attend private parties, receptions and exhibition openings—are cutting off the over-40 crowd this fall. Though originally created for 20- and 30-something professionals, 40-somethings and even a few 50-somethings have apparently been mingling with the young folk, say members. Not anymore.

A recent e-mail sent to current Junior Associates announced the change and cautioned that "photo identification will be required moving forward at some events."

Just don't be surprised if some enterprising Upper East Side teenager comes along and starts making fake IDs for people who want to pass as younger, not older.

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