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Why did we all get together and agree to stop drinking water? Who knows, really, but we must have at some point because sales of bottled water have been falling fast over the past few months. Which explains why beverage companies are now in the process of coming up with all sorts of crazy new drinks to make up the difference.

Coca-Cola is now testing out Vio, which is a blend of skim milk, sparkling water, and fruit flavoring and is described—by Coke, at least—as a "refreshing sensory experience." Then there's coconut water, which is "on the brink of becoming significant," according to a beverage expert quoted in today's Wall Street Journal. The Journal reports that two new coconut-based drinks—Zico and O.N.E.—are both planning aggressive marketing campaigns in the coming months. That's why you may see Zico-branded pedicabs (above) making the rounds. It's also why, thanks to a product placement deal with TNT, characters on The Closer are going to start guzzling the stuff next season.

Why coconut water? Well, it's good for you, for one: It's reportedly low in calories and high in potassium. And it's totally huge in South America, which is a good sign. Even better: Madonna is a big coconut water fan and has been photographed drinking it.

And when Madonna latches on to something, we all follow suit, right? If it weren't for her, we might all be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, or atheists right now instead of card-carrying members of the Kabbalah movement. See?

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