Yesterday you guys figured that the balding foreign movie star had to be Jude Law. I think you're right. Good work, all of us! Today we have a singer with a bad BO problem, a tweensy star with a sex problem, a secretly married couple, and a guy who boned his sister. Yup. 1) "Which British female singer has such a bad BO problem, her poor entourage are forced to restrict their breathing to avoid inhaling her sweaty fumes?" [Mirror] 2) "This female tweener star may want to head on over to her doctor. Why do you ask? Well her tweener boyfriend picked up the gift that Paris made popular. And here we thought they were monogamous." [CDaN] 3) "Which celebrity couple has secretly wed but still haven't told anyone except their immediate families? One is more famous than the other, but you would recognize both names. He wouldn't mind telling people, but she is extremely protective of their privacy after a negative experience with the paparazzi a while back." [BlindGossip] 4) "Which young famous black performer didn't know the identity of his real father and thus wound up sleeping with his own sister? The young man (who we'll call Junior) was the product of an affair his mother had in the seventies with a talented married black celebrity (who we'll call Senior). Although there was the occasional wicked whisper because Junior and Senior resemble each other physically and have similar triple-threat talents, neither Senior nor the woman ever told anyone that Senior was Junior's father. They really thought they could keep things quiet, live separate lives, and carry the secret of Junior's true ancestry to their graves. The situation changed when Senior learned that his daughter from his second marriage had begun dating Junior. Very alarmed and needing to intervene without divulging his paternity, Senior quickly inserted himself into the situation, became Junior's friend and mentor, and forced the young couple to break up. It worked. Junior still doesn't know that Senior - whom he greatly admires - is his real father, or that his former girlfriend - to whom he lost his virginity - was his own half-sister." [BlindGossip]