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The Standard's campaign to make the hotel synonymous with sex appears to be backfiring. The Post caught on to shenanigans over the weekend, and in an "exclusive" today, breaks the big news that some of the Standard's neighbors in the meatpacking district are being routinely exposed to hanky-panky in the hotel's windows. And some of the witnesses to these acts have been innocent children! Even more outrageous: The hotel even appears to be encouraging this behavior on its own website!

None of this is news, of course. Except this time around, the Post managed to get a local politician to weight in on this outrageous breach of community standards. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn tells the paper that she finds the displays of nudity "unacceptable," and plans to do what she can to bring them to an end. Standard owner Andre Balazs, however, seems to have anticipated a little blowback. Is it a coincidence that the hotel company launched a line of his-and-hers swimwear a few weeks ago?

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