Surely, Hollywood has entered a brand-new golden age of male objectification, whether it's the display of Jason Segel's flaccid member in Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Billy Crudup's irradiated super-schlong in Watchmen. Now, in an interview with USA Today about the Da Vinci Code sequel, Angels & Demons, producer Brian Grazer announces that the 52-year-old Tom Hanks will be the next male actor to bare (almost) all. While the scantily-clad Hanks won't be going full frontal (gotta keep that PG-13 rating!), Grazer promises the next best thing:

"I'm telling you, he's got a scene where he's swimming in Speedos, and he looks fantastic," Grazer says. "He's going to add 10 years to his career with that scene alone, just watch."

Though we've gone on the record as staunch Tom Hanks apologists, the notion of this scene has us worried; after all, not every fiftysomething has the defined pecs of a Grazer. It's been nearly a decade since Hanks whittled his body down to Cast Away shape — and that butt shot from last year's Charlie Wilson's War? All we're sayin' is that we wish it was as forgettable as the movie it was in.