• Cooking shows are all the rage right now with the Food Network and Travel Channel both witnessing record ratings. Real estate shows, however, have been bombing. Why? "Food can take away the pain." [Bloomberg]
• A Q&A with Danny Meyer, who says he hopes to regain the star that his Union Square Cafe lost recently just as soon as Sam Sifton takes over as Times dining critic, and that his big pet peeve are dishes with hazelnuts in them. [RG]
Steve Hanson reports the eatery he's opening in the former Hog Pit space on Ninth Avenue will be casual American spot called Bill's Bar & Burger. [NYT]
• The chance the fish you're eating does not have some mercury in it? Virtually nil, according to a new report by government scientists. [NYT]

• Mr. West on West 22nd Street is closing next month. [Page Six]
• Did Frank Bruni discriminate against sardines during his five years as the New York Times' restaurant critic? It's a bit of a slow news day, clearly. [GS]
Eric Ripert's wild and crazy Hamptons side: revealed, at last! [GoaG via CH]
• Gus & Gabriel has expanded its menu and is now delivering lunch. [GS]
• How to start your very own food truck business in three, easy steps. [WSJ]