Hello rainy Tuesday! Apologies for my absence yesterday, I was watching two friends get married. Yay for J & A. Onto the dirt. Today we have a teenage star who scared away her boyfriend, a couple having kinky sex, a balding star, a tantrum-throwing TV star, and a secret gay affair. Enjoy! 1) "Which teenage drama queen has been so demanding that her dreamy boyfriend has unofficially jumped ship? He's now secretly smooching one of her gal pals." [NYDN] 2) "Which couple are hiding a rather unorthodox sex secret? Both prefer the same sex and use their 'showmance' purely to rake in lucrative advertising deals." [Mirorr] 3) "This foreign born B list film star who was shooting for A list before he started losing his hair and his box office mojo is apparently extremely sensitive about his hair. How much? Well, he was buying a suit a few weeks ago and the salesperson suggested a hat because he thought it would go well the suit. Our actor took it the wrong way though and took a good five minutes to yell at the offending salesperson before throwing the suit on the floor and kicking it around a little and then walking out the door." [CDaN] 4) "B list television actress who used to be on a hit and is now on a new show. Not the most fun person to work with according to the crew. For someone who is lucky enough to have a career she sure loves to play the game of don't talk to me. Apparently unless you are a producer or director on the show, you are not allowed to speak directly to her. Well, the crew loves nothing more to talk to her anyway. They love doing this when they need a break because they know she will throw a tantrum and retreat to her dressing room for at least an hour." [CDaN] 5) "Which celebrity had sex with his sister? Find out at 3:00 p.m. EST today!" [BlindGossip] 6) "Which soon-to-be-announced celebrity couple split will get really ugly if the truth about the husband's activities are revealed? They have made plans to play nice in public and pretend that their breakup is amicable and mutual, but it is unknown whether the wife will be able to keep up the facade, because right now she can barely contain her rage over his behavior. She flipped out once when she found out he was cheating. Again when she found out that he was cheating on her with a man. And a third time when she found that his down low behavior had resulted in him giving her a nasty STD." [BlindGossip]