• Not surprisingly, the prospect of a TGI Friday's opening across from the Greenmarket in Union Square has provoked all sorts of outrage. [Eater]
• On a related note (and notwithstanding the economic downturn), chain stores are rapidly expanding across the city, in case you haven't noticed. [NYT]
• Magnolia Bakery, coming off the heels of a minor scandal at its West Village location, reports that it's opening a Grand Central location this fall. [VV]
• Places to eat in the Hamptons should you happen to be on a budget. [Zagat]

• The Whole Foods on 98th and Columbus is getting a wine store. [NYT]
• Michael Huynh's latest venture, Bia Garden, opens on Friday. [GS]
• Unemployed? The Panera chain really isn't interested in you, sorry. [WSJ]
Frank Bruni hits Nightline tomorrow, but a few clips are now online. [ABC]
• A new Duke University study finds that "a significant percentage of people older than 50 are binge drinking." Can you blame them, really? [NYP]