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• Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps got into a car accident in Baltimore last night, but there were no serious injuries reported. [NYDN]
• The father of Khloe Kardashian's baby is her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Scott Disick. She was hoping to keep the info a secret to get people to tune into her upcoming reality show, but then her sister Kim ruined the surprise. [P6]
• Don't be surprised if you hear Mischa Barton's checked herself into the hospital again. She's been out, oh, two weeks now and the British tabloids are focusing on all the cellulite she has, poor thing. [DM]
• Heidi Pratt says she has "20-30 orgasms per day" with husband Spencer Pratt. Could this be because she experiences what she thinks is an orgasm every time she sees her name appear in tabloid or gossip outlet? Just an idea. [P6]

• Nick Lachey loves being single. His old ex-girlfriend, Jessica Simpson? She's a sad girl who lives with her parents and goes grocery shopping for fun. [P6]
• More depressing news for Simpson: She was caught in an earthquake earlier this week, as if she doesn't have enough to worry about. [Us]
Rosie O'Donnell called Elisabeth Hasselbeck "a twat" a couple of weeks ago. Cue the shock and outrage. [Fox News]
• Oprah appears at the top of Forbes' latest, super-silly list of top-earning celebrities over 50. [Forbes]
• Jon Gosselin is throwing a big pool party in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. Please make your travel plans accordingly. [Us]
• Speaking of Gosselin, ratings for Jon & Kate continue to fall. [Us]
• Brad Pitt made a joke about how George Clooney is gay. [Sun]
• Jerry O'Connell is going back to law school. Which is great to hear, since usually when someone's career in Hollywood comes to an end, what follows is a 90-day stint in rehab. [Us]
• Actress Amy Ryan is pregnant. [NYDN]
• Tony Danza has moved to Philadelphia and is going to be teaching the 10th grade this fall. It's all part of a new series he's doing for A&E. [NYDN]
• Remember Emmanuel Lewis? He was spotted in Vegas the other night "bumpin', grindin' and livin' it up like a kid in a candy store." [TMZ]