• After 37 years in business—and following several lease extensions—La Goulue on Madison Avenue will close its doors on Aug. 26. The owners say they're still hoping to reopen it somewhere else in the neighborhood. [NYT]
• Further evidence that this is a really tough time for media companies: The New York Times has licensed its name to a new wine club. [Reuters, release]
Simon Hammerstein is hoping to revive The Box with some new talent. Joey Arias will be taking over hosting duties beginning next month. [P6]
• Like the many critics before him, New York's Adam Platt doesn't go easy on Monkey Bar: "A-list connections can't cover for D-grade cooking." [NYM]

• Piccolo Cucina has been shuttered by the Department of Health. [GS]
• Bill Clinton's teamed up with Zagat to introduce a new guide to Harlem. [VV]
• Remember all those AmEx bills of Bernie Madoff's that were released a few months ago? Eater has compiled the Madoff Dining Index. [Eater]
• In hummus-related food news, Hummus Place has opened a new UWS location. And Hoomoos Asli has just finished a round of renovations. [GS]
• Is the U.S. about to get hit with a sugar shortage? If you find yourself suddenly paying $6 for a Snickers bar, the answer is probably yes. [WSJ]