A horrifying true crime tale is unfolding today in our neighboring state. In South Brunswick the bodies of couple Michael and Kathleen Maltese were found in a park, and suspicion quickly pointed to their son, Michael A. Maltese, and his girlfriend Nicole Taylor. In a twist reminiscent of the current direction of Showtime series Dexter, the two decided to subsequently get engaged. It might not be Truman Capote macabre, but the full story will disturb you.The elder Maltese and his wife Kathleen were reported missing on October 17th, and they were found today in a park two miles from the mobile home where they lived. The two killers had been living on an inflatable mattress on floor of the victims' trailer home. The bodies were dumped into the shallow grave. The Star Ledger characterized the alleged mastermind:

Maltese was a South Brunswick High School dropout who moved around regularly and had a tough time holding a job, working brief stints at places including a liquor store, a Best Buy and a PetSmart, friends said. "He was never really steady anywhere," said Chris Schneider, 18, a friend of the suspects who lives in a nearby trailer. "A 'drifter' would be the way to describe him. He lived house to house, job to job."

Details coming out from the close knit mobile home community had the murderous couple smiling and drinking in the mobile home in the days after the disappearance. They also used the dead couple's credit card. Not to inject any levity into what is obviously a very troubling set of circumstances, but we hope this teaches Dexter that killers are terrible family men. Our condolences to the other family members of the victims. Man Is Charged With Killing And Burying Parents [The Star Ledger]