As Maya Rudolph fan clubs weather another couple hours of suspense before her return to Saturday Night Live, TMZ is reporting that Amy Poehler just had a baby boy and will miss tonight's Jon Hamm-hosted spectacular. Hold your breath that she went with the name we suggested: Winston Jammer Poehler. I know, right? In some cultures (don't be insensitive) the birth of a child is best marked by four Amy Poehler sketches to rule them all. And if last week was your swan song at SNL, you earned it, Amy.Who can forget Amy's magnificent satire of her own coming unborn! It's just good to know Steve Holt will have a brother. And think of Will Arnett! When he was on the set of Let's Go To Prison, could he have imagined he'd be able to afford to see this day? It was so real when all the ladies were in the show's open that time. Dratch and Rudolph and Wiig and Poehler! Who could ask for anything more? Lastly, who can forget Amy's poignant run in the legendary sketch troupe Upright Citizens Brigade. This sketch changed the way I view life in general, and Amy 's performance as Charna McMadison is what holds it together. Her acting here in multiple roles is Gilda Radner-worthy. Click to view Then there's Amy's classic Dakota Fanning series. How confusing are these vignettes going to be for young Winston Jammer to absorb? It Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby [TMZ]