• All is not well at ABC. The hoped-for comeback of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? didn't happen and ratings have been so low, the network is now occasionally falling behind Univision. Yes, Univision. [NYT, B&C]
• The owners of Uptown magazine are in talks to acquire Vibe, which shut down in June. What they plan to do with it is anybody's guess. [AdAge]
Tina Brown's Daily Beast is on the move: She's planning to launch a U.K. version of the Barry Diller-funded website within months. [Telegraph]
• Not every magazine in America is struggling, apparently! [Newsweek]
• Is MTV planning to leave Times Square? Quite possibly. [NYP]

• Today in wacko cable TV hosts: Geico is the latest advertiser to abandon Glenn Beck's show. And Lou Dobbs is sorta apologizing for suggesting that it would be a good idea to "put a stake" through the heart of Howard Dean.
• Former media mogul Conrad Black's request to be freed from prison pending an appeal of his fraud conviction has been denied by the Supreme Court. [AP]
Self is under fire for Photoshopping its cover of Kelly Clarkson. Meanwhile, thw mag's editor-in-chief, Lucy Danzinger, is playing defense. [Daily Finance]
• Sony Pictures will release the Michael Jackson movie on Oct. 30. [LAT]
• Simon Cowell's new American Idol contract will earn him $45 million a year for the next three years. But he totally deserves it, right? Right? Hello? [THR]
• Here's an idea: Maybe Maxim and Playboy should jump in bed together? [PC]