To anyone familiar with Elon Musk's brief, troubled career as CEO of PayPal, the troubles at Tesla Motors, his electric-car startup, seem all too predictable. As does his spin on his decision to lay off dozens of employees, close Tesla's Detroit office, postpone a new model, and replace Ze'ev Drori as CEO. Musk blames past CEOs — chiefly cofounder Martin Eberhard — for the company's current troubles.“It’s taken us about a year to correct major errors,” Mr. Musk told the New York Times. Eberhard has a snappy response: “Look at the constant factor at the company through all the years: Elon.” A history lesson from PayPal: Not until Peter Thiel replaced Musk as CEO, and he ceased day-to-day involvement with the company, did it thrive. (Photo by Peter DaSilva/New York Times)