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Bungalow 8 proprietress Amy Sacco has a reality show in the works. (Or at least Bravo is now "testing" out such a concept.) Less than a month ago, Sacco told WWD that she'd recruited a big bunch of her friends to take part in the program—so many people, in fact, that Sacco told the reporter that while it's technically a reality show, "I don't know if anyone's going to believe my reality." Today the Daily News throws a little water on the concept, suggesting that very few famous faces will ultimately appear on the show, since many of the boldfaced friends Sacco calls her friends "don't want to be seen on camera doing reality TV."

"She's losing 'cool' points—and friends," a source tells the News. "This is a really bad idea."

So which is it? That's hard to say, although it's also hard to imagine that there would be a shortage of semi-famous people willing to stand around and sip a cocktail in exchange for a few minutes of airtime. But it seems that one other reason people are griping is that by opening up her life to a reality show, Sacco appears to be selling out her friends:

It's strange, because Amy built her reputation with celebrities by being super-respectful and secretive about their comings and goings—and now she'll be doing the opposite," the insider gripes.

Of course, that presupposes that Sacco is still the nightlife queen she was a few years ago. And considering that the News describes her current activities as "barely relevant," that shouldn't present much of a problem, should it?

Viewers will probably end up winning either way. If Bravo needs to add some recognizable faces to the mix, we'll all be treated to a series of appearances by various cast members of the Real Housewives of New York City and NYC Prep. And if things get particularly bad, Bravo could always stage a cage match between Sacco and her longstanding enemy, restaurant owner Nello Balan. So maybe it's all a blessing in disguise?

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