Yesterday you guys talked a lot about the celebrity couple who moves to a new home every time they want attention. Some thought it was TomKat, others Brangelina. Sadly you were all wrong. It was Home Improvement star Richard Karn and his beautiful wife, Tudi Roche. Today we have a Gerri Halliwell blind item!, a secret baby mama, an actor caught doing blow on camera, and an actress who will stop at nothing (nothing!) to get a role. 1) "Which famous celeb tried to pull me by leaving his room key backstage at Top Of The Pops? I turned him down, urgh, it was so tacky!" [Mirror, and ZOMG!, this was written by their guest-editor, Spice Girl Gerri "Sexy Spice" Halliwell!] 2) "Hollywood couple, one more famous than the other, both are household names. Everything looks pretty on the outside, but she has a dark secret. While working on a project, she had a brief affair with another performer with whom she had some history. That fling resulted in a child. She is terrified about what would happen to her relationship and family and reputation and career if her husband found out that he was not the baby’s father. It’s bound to happen eventually, though, because the fling has a very distinctive look, and the child is looking more and more like him with every passing day." [BlindGossip] 3) "Which actor was secretly filmed doing drugs? He thought that the woman was simply a friend of a friend in a partying mood. He didn’t know that during their time together that she was a reporter and that she had secretly filmed him snorting cocaine. The reporter is now looking to profit from the brief but damning piece of film." [BlindGossip] 4) "Which Hollywood actress is using underhanded means to obtain choice roles? She once announced that she had secured a choice role before it was actually offered to her, causing the director’s choice for the role to back off. More recently, she has been spreading nasty rumors about her competitor for another role, which include accusations of plastic surgery, relationship troubles, pregnancy, self-harming, and more." [BlindGossip]