The White House press secretary hinted he would do it in May, and now Scott McClellan has finally pulled the trigger, telling CNN's D.L. Hughley "I will be voting for Barack Obama... I am going to support the candidate that has the best chance for changing the way Washington works and getting things done." This scenario looks familiar, and may presage more last-minute Obama endorsements to come.

McClellan is the second high-ranking Bush administration official to endorse the Democratic presidential nominee in as many weeks, following former Secretary of State Colin Powell's surprise (and surprisingly moving) declaration of support for Obama last weekend.

If and when a third ex-Bushie declares for Obama — there is, conveniently, one more pre-election weekend clear for an announcement — we'll know this is a coordinated effort to produce maximum gain for Obama, not to mention maximum losses for McCain and his party.

McClellan's endorsement, by the way. came at a taping and doesn't air until Saturday night, in the debut episode of former sit-com star Hughley's new comedy/news show.