It's a stark reality of American politics that (gulp) most of the grainy election spoof videos that you find online are really terrible. Tired old jokes done unoriginally without any thought toward editing and seeing if your joke has been made five thousand times before. So it is a rare treat when you stumble upon a little gag clip skewering the presidential candidates (but, um, usually mostly John McCain—what's that thing about funny Conservatives, again?). Again, there aren't many, but there are a proud few. We've put five of our favorites (plus a little bonus!) after the jump. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Portrayal Of Obama As Snob Hailed As Step Forward For Blacks Trenchant and sad, like all the best 'Onion' pieces.

McCain-Obama Dance-Off Just really well edited. And who doesn't like dancing! Governor Sarah Palin Vlog #2 Increasingly surreal and madcap, comedian Sara Benincasa's impersonation of Palin (as well as Diana Saez as the trusty sidekick) can ramble at times, but when she's on, she's On.

McCain Gets Rickrolled By Obama Um, John McCain gets Rickroll'd by Barack Obama. That's about it.

Hollywood Director Attack Ads The first two aren't great, but the third one is sorta funny! [via Videogum]

Crazy Tracy This is parody, yes? [via Guanabee]