From Hollywood-residing Drudge-buddy Andrew Breitbart's new HuffPo for Conservatives to this sad Hollywood Reporter story on how conservatives in Tinseltown are an oppressed minority, everyone's talking about Showbiz Republicans! They are terribly mistreated, you know, by evil monster liberals who run that town. Sometimes they are called names at dinner parties! And also they are apparently fired all the time for being Republicans! Then they all get together in secret organizations to drink and talk about how bad they have it. It's just like being gay in rural Wyoming, right? Ha ha, just kidding. It's more like being the one Yankee fan in a Boston bar, and you also felt the need to wear your Jeter jersey. Dude, you went to Boston and put on your Jeter jersey, of course you got shit for it! Here's prominent famous successful Hollywood Republican Kelsey Grammer talking about how dangerous and hard it is being a Hollywood Republican:

He even said that, earlier in his career, his job was threatened by a prominent sitcom director who demanded he donate money to Barbara Boxer's U.S. Senate campaign. To keep his job, he gave $10,000 to Boxer and the Democrats.

Dear Kelsey Grammer: Barbara Boxer's Senate campaign was in 1992. Cheers had been on the air for years, you'd been on since 1984, and you'd received Emmy nominations for your portrayal of Dr. Frasier Crane. Your spinoff launched the next year! This sitcom director did not threaten your job. You were rich and famous and in no danger of career damage from anything but your drug use. And basically every charge of terrible oppression faced by conservatives out there is similarly anecdotal. As (liberal) screenwriter John Rogers puts it:

For example, the article somehow moves from a general discussion of the social plight of conservatives in Hollwyood to Andrew Klavan's argument that liberals (apparently all of us) think all conservatives are "evil", persecute them as if they were indeed evil, and then neatly moves on to Klavan's claim of how movies made by "people who sit around at Skybar discussing their pacifist world view" have seeped into culture excessively and been subsequently rejected.

In other words, if people in Show Biz are largely liberal then yes, being openly conservative will be unusual. You may be mocked and called names! Just like if you were openly liberal in a traditionally conservative field! Or much like how everyone in Hollywood is constantly demonized and attacked by conservatives across the country for being godless and amoral and evil! It is called "how the world works" and also it's called "don't be a pussy."