To your left, witness Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar in happier times at the 2006 launch party for Behar's book, which was for some reason entitled Sheetzucacapoopoo: My Kind of Dog. Sadly, peaceful scenes like that may be few and far between now, thanks to constant on-screen warring and, most especially, backstage battle royales. Yesterday, we brought you word from a Defamer operative about a behind-the-scenes fight between Behar and Hasselbeck that went down after cameras for The View stopped rolling. Now, another tipster has written in to corroborate the account, as well as add new details:

Someone close to me (whom I will not identify) was there and witnessed the entire thing backstage. And while the spin is that "it isn't true," IT IS! Your account is almost verbatim to the account I got, but your tipster left out a couple of things that were said. ...Joy also told Elisabeth: "You sit there and make a fool out of yourself out there everyday and it's pathetic. There are people we can't book on this show because of you! And then you put out stories about you going to Fox News?! Please, even they know better!" These things were said at the beginning of the argument. What you heard already was the END of the argument. If I hear anything else, I will pass it on to you. But I have to be careful because I hear that they are looking for the snitch. They are trying to keep this quiet and hope that things don't completely implode prior to the election.

We'll see whether the calming influence of Whoopi Goldberg will bring things down a notch or two on today's show. Until then, keep sending those accounts in!