Jörg Haider, the leader of Austria's far-right Alliance for Austria's Future party, died this month in a high-speed car crash. He was drunk. Why was he drunk? Because, of course, he'd just had a terrible fight with his gay lover, who was also his 27-year-old protege and party deputy. After the fight, Haider went to a gay club and drank heavily with male escorts. Did we mention he was the leader of the far-right party? The one that's anti-immigrant and anti-European Union and pro-traditional family values? And that Haider was married with children? Haider's successor and lover, Stefan Petzner, is now speaking openly of his love for his neo-fascist boss.

“He was the man of my life. Our relationship went far beyond friendship,” Mr Petzner, 27, said after only a week in the job, adding that Haider’s wife, Claudia, 52, “did not object” to their relationship. “I only had him. Now I am all alone. I would spend nights with him and his family and that was important for me because I often was afraid to be alone in the dark,” he added.

Haha this story is awesome. Dead gay fascists are basically the best fascists. This is like learning David Duke fucked Trent Lott, right? Of course there's a rich history of hot far-right homosex among Nazis; the Nazi SA stormtroopers (the brownshirts) were led by Ernst Rohm, flaming queen, and his deputy, Edmund Heines, fellow flaming queen. The stormtroopers were like a big violent fascist gay S&M illegal police force! And Haider, of course, had a soft spot for the Nazis. He praised the SS, downplayed that whole "Holocaust" thing, and routinely made hilarious jokes about how prominent Jewish people were filthy and crooked. But sad gay fascists have to be all anti-homosexuality in public, because hot gay sex is a decadent liberal sort of activity, and they rely on constitutionally conservative working people for their support. Haider's party got 11% of the vote in Austria's national elections last month, and now they've fired his poor sad young lover. Or demoted him, at least. He's the deputy again, to a 43-year-old divorced guy. Which should end well for everyone. Here's Petzner crying and maybe confessing his love. Maybe. We don't speak German.