Yesterday we talked about a gay/gay/straight love triangle. A lot of you guys thought it Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronosn, and Chace Crawford. But that can't be, because there's supposed to be a straight person in the mix. Anyway, today we have an older famous lady giving out drugs to the youngins, a dim celebrity who's trying to be a lesbian, a singer attracted to a drag queen, a couple who moves to get attention, and a former beauty lost to drugs. 1) "Which wrinkly celeb hands out ecstasy tablets to young female clubbers like they were sweets? Bet they won't be in a hurry to sit on his knee." [Mirror] 2) "C lister who wants the world to think she is a lesbian, needs to be a little more careful if her plan is going to succeed. She has been doing her best to find someone to play her girlfriend, but no one wants to even be her pretend girlfriend. Anyway, that is beside the point. Last night her little makeout, grope session with the C list actor who has had his own issues will probably stall her little effort." [CDaN] 3) "Married, former A list singer. Wife not with him. Went straight for the drag queen at a party in the last few days. Did not leave his side once. Interesting." [CDaN] 4) "Which press-hungry duo keeps moving simply to keep themselves in the headlines? They claim that they need to move because of work demands. However, one half of the couple recently confessed to a friend that they strategically court projects requiring long-distance relocation to feed the press newsworthy material. They do some very public house-hunting, make a big splash in the new city, and then drag the child(ren) around with a whole new crew of paparazzi in close pursuit. When the act gets stale and they start slipping out of the headlines, they hit the road again." [BlindGossip] 5) "What former bombshell needs someone to come to her rescue? Her drug use has ruined her looks and foiled any hope of reuniting with her ex. Insiders say her career is the next to go." [Star]