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• An Italian photographer is accusing Naomi Campbell of sending him to the hospital after she allegedly clobbered him with her handbag and scratched his eye with her nails. Naturally, this sort of behavior is totally unlike Campbell and couldn't possibly be true. [Daily Mail]
Billy Joel is supposedly "completely distraught" over his breakup with Katie Lee Joel and is now trying to "rekindle the relationship." [P6]
• It looks like Mischa Barton is recovering nicely. She's "smiling again," according to the Sun. And Vanity Fair reports she made her "first appearance on the city’s social circuit" last night. [Sun, VF]

• Sarah Palin is denying rumors that she's divorcing Todd Palin. [People]
• Paris Hilton's former manager is shopping a book to publishers in which he exposes "the star-making machinery behind Paris' rise." [NYDN]
• Ryan O'Neal didn't recognize his daughter Tatum at Farrah Fawcett's funeral. So he flirted with her. Classy. [NYP]
• Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt must be the kind who plan ahead because they're supposedly at odds over where they should be buried. [DM]
• In other Brangelina news, the couple stopped off at McDonald's and ordered Happy Meals for the kids. Shocking! [DM]
• Samantha Burke, the actress carrying Jude Law's baby, is speaking out to the media. [TMZ]
• Emile Hirsch appears to to have an imposter. [P6]
Slumdog Millionaire stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto stepped out in public together for the first time. [DM]
• Ali Larter tied the knot this past weekend. [Us]
• Mark Wahlberg and his longtime girlfriend (they have three kids together) got married this weekend, too. [People]
• Jaime Pressly is engaged once again. [People]
• Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt have reunited. [Us]
• And Milla Jovovich is getting married later this month. [DM]