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• The mother of Jude Law's baby has been revealed: She's some actress/model named Samantha Burke. [TMZ]
• Jon Gosselin is shopping around a new reality show since he has a couple hundred kids to support and could really use the cash. [P6]
• Joe Jackson is confirming that Michael had a "love child" who is now a Norwegian dancer named Omer Bhatti. Welcome to the family, young man. [NYDN]
Kanye West is the "new King of Pop," he says: "First there was Elvis, then there was Michael. Now in the 21st century it's Kanye's time to rule." [NYDN]

• The two police chiefs who helped break into the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's surrogate a few weeks back have been arrested. [Us]
• Bar Refaeli's new man is supposedly one of Israel's richest men. But he won't be confused with Leo DiCaprio anytime soon, that's for sure. [NYDN]
• Balthazar Getty's personal life will make your head spin! [NYDN]
• Mischa Barton's recent hospital stay may have been due to some "suicidal" behavior on her part. [E!]
• Matt Damon's most challenging role yet: He plans to make reading the Declaration of Independence "exciting again." [NYDN]
• Michael Jackson's mom is getting custody of his three kids. [NYDN]
• Katy Perry and Rihanna are BFFs, so you know. [P6]
• Is it a good sign when the latest crop of memoirs are by people like Joel Madden and Kendra Wilkinson? Guess it depends on your perspective! [NYDN]
• Shooting Jessica Simpson for her new TV show didn't come cheap. [P6]
Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP is a big hit. Yay! [People]
• Penelope Cruz lost her luggage. A moment of silence, please. [People]