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The rain on Wednesday evening didn't keep the crowds away from the launch party for BlackBerry's new Tour smartphone at the Thompson LES. (The bait—a complimentary Tour along with three months of free Sprint Service—probably helped.) Turning out for the occasion, despite the weather: Brooke Shields, Chloë Sevigny, Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford, Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz and Mark Indelicato, Erin Lucas and Olivia Palermo from The City, designer Nicole Miller, and IMG senior veep and reality TV judge, Fern Mallis. Not everyone was planning to use their new phone to tweet away, though, as Cityfile correspondent Douglas Marshall found out when he chatted with Shields ("No, I'm not a Twitterer"), and Sevigny ("I'm not really into any of that. No Twitter. No Facebook. No MySpace. None of it"). Mark Indelicato was an exception. After the jump, the Ugly Betty star on his obsession with texting and tweeting.

Q: Would you say you are an obsessive texter?
A: Yes!
Q: Do you ever find yourself walking down the street while texting and not looking where you are going?
A: Oh, yes. I get in trouble so much! Usually when I'm with my mom, she's like "Mark, watch where you are going!" But when I'm walking by myself and I'm walking and I'm texting and I'm involved in an interesting conversation, I'll walk into someone. Then they'll start yelling at me and I'll be like, "Stop yelling at me! Enough! I have to go!" I hate that.
Q: I think people now just accept that people walk and text at the same time.
A: Honestly, everyone texts while they're walking. I don't know anyone who doesn't text while they are walking down the street. It's harmless walking down the street and texting. I mean, I do look up every once in a while.
Q: What about texting while driving? I've seen people do that.
A: Oh, no. That's hazard to other people. And not good! It's one thing to walk down the street and lightly bump into someone. But if your car crashes into something, then you are in some serious trouble.
Q: Are you on Twitter?
A: I am, I am, I am.
Q: What's your name on Twitter?
A: markindelicato
Q: What was your last tweet?
A: That I was coming to the BlackBerry Tour Launch Party!
Q: Who's your favorite person that you follow on Twitter?
A: I like John Mayer's tweets.
Q: How many followers do you have?
A: Oh, like four thousand two hundred or something.
Q: What are you going to do to celebrate when you get 5,000 followers?
A: I'm going to say really nice things like, "Thank you so much, all my Twitter followers!"