Much-vaunted "brocial networking" site BroBible has finally launched. The standard course to take would be to mock and tease, but we have decided that all is right and good with the bros. They have found a safe space where they cannot and should not be mocked by women and outsiders. Let men be men! And let bros be bros. Like! "Sure enough that selfish little slut decides that shes not so much as going to embark on a ski trip with your flesh pole..."Previously, we remarked that a site that aims to "share stories of weekend revelries and exchange tips on romantic endeavors" was basically all about "eHighFiving about Jaeger and pussy." Yep. But? Fine. As long as we don't hear about it! Do what you gotta do, guys. Do what you gotta do. This is the famous "Don't ask, don't tell" clasue in action. Um, like this. Again: we know what goes on, both in and outside of your minds, but we just don't want to have any evidence of it. (Guess that's why bros have to have a login name.) So our fake BroBible alias, "Brant," is gonna go ahead and log off... now.