Are you aware that the LA Times revealed its redesign this week? Let's hope you are, because this is what's gonna save the paper! What people both inside the Tribune Co. and out really want to know is not, "How does the redesign look?" It's, "What does Tribune Co. Chief Innovation Officer and Vice Admiral of the Martian Army Lee Abrams have to say about it, in his own unmistakable way?" Well: "As we've seen with all the other Tribune newspapers, the 'plunge' is the first step. Nothing more...nothing less." Ha. And?:

Los Angeles is a remarkable place that deserves a remarkable newspaper...that is THE Southern California news brand for another 127 years. It will. Like all of our papers, the pattern is FEAR OF CHANGE...then ACCEPTANCE OF CHANGE...then EXCITEMENT AND CONTRIBUTION TO CHANGE. They may be in the Fear /Acceptance zone. Totally natural. Just wait til the excitement stage happens.

Just wait. [LAO via John Koblin of the fine New York Observer]