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Gisele Bundchen's baby bump was retouched out of London Fog's fall ad campaign. But if you're absolutely dying to see it, the new issue of People seems to deliver. [WWD, Cut, F'gie]
• WWI influenced fashion. So did WWII. And Vietnam. So why is it that we're not seeing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq reflected on the catwalk? [AP]
• What went down at the CFDA's "town hall" yesterday: Anna Wintour sort of proposed flouting anti-trust laws to boost the fashion industry, Diane von Furstenberg was sort of horrified by the idea, and then Anna informed the room that she has connections in the White House. [NYO]

• Will JCPenney succeed when it makes its official debut on Friday? [NYP]
• Fran Drescher is launching a line of organic skin-care products for HSN. It's called FranBrand. And now you're all caught up on that front. [Cut]
• Five former employees of Guess Jeans co-founder Georges Marciano were awarded $370 million as part of a defamation lawsuit. [LAT]
• Moises de la Renta chats about his new womenswear line MDLR. [BlackBook]
• It seems the Senate is thinking of imposing a tax on plastic surgery. [LAT]
• Even more upsetting: It turns out tanning beds are dangerous for you as arsenic, mustard gas, and tobacco, according to cancer experts. [AP]