Social Life editor Devorah Rose finds herself caught up in a bit of messiness today. Not because her vapid magazine can't find any advertising. And not because she embarrassed herself a couple of weekends ago when she sent out word that Ciara would attend the mag's big party at the "Social Life estate" in Bridgehampton, but then couldn't scrape together the $10,000 needed to pay Ciara's appearance fee. This time, she's been accused of an honest-to-God crime! It seems there's a newcomer on the Hamptons society magazine scene called New York Hamptonite, and Rose and her Social Life friends have been doing their best to stamp out the competition? How, exactly? By stealing all of their copies and replacing them with Social Life.

Page Six reported on this "mishap" back in May. But in an effort to squeeze as much press out of it as possible, Rose and Social Life publisher Justin Mitchell are once again denying the charges made by Hamptonite founder Aiden Vola:

"It's completely fabricated-a total lie," Mr. Mitchell said of Mr. Vola's story. He suggested the incident might've been concocted to get attention from Page Six, where it was duly reported the week after.

"It was like Olivia Palermo versus Tinsley," Ms. Rose chimed in. "They were trying to Olivia Palermo us!"

So Social Life is Tinsley Mortimer and Hamptonite is Olivia Palermo, and the elbowing incident a couple of years ago, which some have suggested Olivia made up to get attention, is supposed to stand in for the alleged magazine theft? We're not sure we entirely follow, but it's nice to see Devorah work in the names of two people who wouldn't be caught dead at a Social Life event.

The much better news for Devorah is that if Social Life eventually goes bust, as some suggest it will, she always has a career turning up on reality TV shows to play the role of Most Obnoxious Person Alive. She's very good at that! Which is very clear when you read what some Bravo viewers thought of her most recent appearance on Bravo's NYC Prep:

What in the hell is a Devorah Rose? She is revolting. Glomming onto an 18-year old?? It shows the lengths people will go to in order to be on camera. I don't care if it helps your "magazine". You, madam, are an idiot. And bashing a 17-year old girl ("What is her drama") is beyond ridiculous. As a fellow NYCer, I will do everything in my power to run this Devorah Rose thing right out of town.

Good luck!

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