Yesterday y'all seemed to think that the faking-it reality couple was either the Osbournes or Heidi and Spencer from The Hills. Both good guesses! I also chuckled at the suggestions that it was the Roloffs from Little People, Big World or Stella and Ratbones. Today we have a drug-addled reality star, a popstar who used to be a dud with the ladies, an escort-loving star, a gay/straight love triangle, and a TV star about to be fired. 1) "Which reality star has-been should tone down the drug use? The dethroned tabloid subject brought two eight balls of coke (7 grams) to a weekend getaway. She was last seen at 7 a.m., trying to find someone to play charades with her." [NYDN] 2) "Which man-of-the-moment popstar was not such a hit with the ladies at school? His nickname was 'Bender'" [Mirror] 3) "Talk about embarrassing. Wow. I can't decide who was the more embarrassed. This married A list director enjoys perusing escort sites and calling one to come over to his hotel room, especially when he is on the road. In this instance though he was in town, but was put up in a hotel because he had been doing press earlier in the day. Before heading home to the missus, he decided to call up his favorite agency and they sent someone over. Well imagine the shock on the face of both our director and the escort when it turned out to be the cousin of the wife's director. They had just seen each other at a family gathering two days prior. There were a lot of umms, but both decided it would be just a little too strange to do anything. Most guys would have gone home to the wife, but not our director. He called up the agency and got someone else." [CDaN] 4) "Which gay couple is fighting over a third party? Both members of this couple are in the entertainment industry, one more famous than the other. The third party, who is also a famous entertainer, has become quite the couple-wrecker due to some sexual waffling within the established couple. The most interesting fact here is that the third party is the opposite sex of the couple, and has been battling rumors about sexuality, too." [BlindGossip] 5) "If this TV personality is going to survive, she is going to have to reinvent herself. But if she keeps talking trash about her former boss, her career may be dead in the water." [BlindGossip]