The last time we checked in with Bonnie Fuller, in August, the ex-Us Weekly editor was seeking "partners, financing and advertiser support" for a website aimed at women 20-40. That can't be going well right about now. Which might explain how OK! magazine could afford to bring on Fuller as a consultant, as CoverAwards is reporting, even though she was recently pulling down $2.1 million per year as editorial director at American Media Inc.

It's not clear how much Fuller is doing for OK!, other than hiring proper flacks to take up former editor and celebrity publicist Rob Shuter's PR duties. But recently-installed general manager Kent Brownridge was recently rumored keen to bring her on as editor. And it sounds like he's only become more desperate since:

According to multiple industry sources, sales for OK! have been very low. For example, last week’s issue featuring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens was dramatically under 400K on the newsstand.

Already shaken by heavy turnover across the top of the masthead, Fuller's prospective underlings can't be happy at the prospect of working for a legendary office bully. Perhaps they should revive the "I Survived Bonnie" website as a preemptive strike.