From the Department of ZOMG: There is a preview online for the new Whitney Port reality show The City! As I'm sure you're all well aware, Port is the strange, saturnine sidekick to Lauren Conrad on MTV's sideways-spilling, late afternoon sunsplash Los Angeles reality show The Hills. Now Whittles is moving to the Big Apple (that's New York City!) to pursue her dreams of being paid to talk about fashions. Judging from the elegantly produced preview, the show will feature: work intrigue, personal intrigue, lots of great Whitney facial expressions (the Cow Eye, the Bulge Buster, the Battle Toad), socialite of sorts Olivia Palermo, the fearsome and scrumtrulescent Kelly Cutrone, and the most awkward lingering kiss/hug of all time. Are you so excited??? Yeah, me neither. Watch the clip above.