Stewart Alsop, the goofy San Francisco-based venture capitalist, has this in common with Nouriel Roubini, the louche New York University professor known as "Dr. Doom" for his timely predictions of the current market collapse: Both are Facebook stalkers, aggressive in their requesting of friendship from attractive young women. But Alsop has one key difference: He's utterly shameless about it. Roubini was spurred into late-night Hitlerian name-calling by Gawker's reporting on his Facebook habits. We've sometimes felt the urge to hire a bodyguard for CNET video personality Natali Del Conte when she and Alsop attended the same party.But confronted by Mashable about his relationship collection, Alsop freely fessed up: "In his mid-50s, Alsop reaches out to young attractive women and asks if he can be their friend. Many say yes. Alsop says he's an old guy and it makes him feel as if he's got something going on. There's no downside for Alsop. Some may think it's weird, but it doesn't change anything for him." In case you had any doubts on how free-thinking the Bay Area is on such matters, Robin Wolaner, Alsop's "No. 1 girlfriend" and the CEO of social network TeeBeeDee, supports her man's Facebook habit. Even though, in the same Mashable article, she recommends against accepting friend requests from people you don't really know. Like, say, her 50something venture-capitalist boyfriend.