Finally, some good news from television! At least, we think it's good news. Showtime has renewed their serial killer with a heart of gold drama Dexter for another two seasons. The show has been a ratings boon for the premium cable network, which continues to fortify its stable of original series in the hopes of overtaking HBO as the King of Sunday Night. And, again, we're pretty sure this is good news. I mean it is, right? The season currently airing, the show's third, has been good enough so far, we think. Some of us here at HQ are sick of Rita's scrunchy-faced whining. The baby/marriage plotline was sort of inevitable, as they couldn't really have had Dex skulking around an only semi-serious relationship forever. The whole Prado business is... well, it's whatever. We're not really sure where Jimmy Smits' character arc is headed, but we hope it's surprisingly gruesome. Because, you know, that's what this show does best. And, once again, Jennifer Carpenter steals the show as sister Deb, who is getting tangled up not only in an Internal Affairs investigation, but with a sultry guitar-playing CI as well. She sure knows how to pick 'em! So what say you? Is two more seasons a good thing, or should this show be Saran Wrapped to a table and cruelly put out of its misery?